Dear Visitor,

Between you being here and now and your goals and dreams is no distance, no journey, no process.

The life force always cares for you and ALL you need is already here.

It is only possible to realize this through questioning who we are really deep within and observing quiet and aware the life which unfolds in front and inside of us.

- In which way this realization will happen is out of our reach.
But it will happen sooner or later and from that day on you will more and more follow the impulses life is offering to you.

This realization or awakening you can only reveal yourself when time has come.


All of what I am writing about I have had glimpses, little moments of bliss, myself.
Even knowing deep inside that this is the only truth which can not be described in words, I am living a normal life with all its ups and downs and its daily complications.


My "Work" is only about pointing to it and sharing my experience.
The most fundamental essence is never understood by the mind and can only be found deep in your heart as eternal truth.


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I wish you love and happiness.